We live in such times where only common and innocent people fall prey to the corrupt system of this society.  ICTROSHNI  is a non-profit platform that will help the righteous seek justice against any organization. Roshni experts will guide you to deal with the problems legally, through proper channel so in the end, the corrupt system suffers for the oppression they caused in the lives of innocent and law-abiding people.

If you are facing the same situation do not worry all you have to do is register on our platform and take guidance from Roshni experts to resolve your problems legally.

ICTROSHNI is the companion that will provide you assistance if you need any information regarding:

  1. Laws 
  2. Health 
  3. Education

1. Laws

Do you need information on how to carry a legal process? If you encounter any issue and you are unaware of the legal procedure to solve the issue then do not worry ICTROSHNI will connect you with a mentor who will advise you to deal with issue through proper channel.

You can ask your questions freely, we will protect your privacy and keep your information safe

2. Health

You are facing any issue with a hospital or a doctor and you do not know the legal process to deal with it then Roshni experts will guide you in the right direction.

You or someone in your family is affected by physical or mental illness and you are confused which disease is it or which doctor should you refer to then ICTROSHNI  has got your back.

3. Education

You hit a snag regarding exams, papers, school, college or university and can’t think of a way out RELAX. Roshni experts will explain the legal procedure for solving your problems.

You just got free from your Matriculation/ Intermediate/ Bachelors ? Not sure about the procedure you should follow to pursue your chosen field. Roshni expert will be a guiding light for you.

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