ICTContact is advance contact centre solution featuring progressive dialing, multi tenant, unified communications and CRM business automation and integration supporting Voice, SMS, Email technologies suitable for contact centers, entrepreneurs and Service Providers. ICTContact offers smart webrtc agent based progressive dialing capabilities. It enables service providers to offer a wide range of contact center services to their users. It can be scaled to support thousands of agents also it fits most of the inbound / outbound contact center scenarios and business automation, It is simple, reliable, powerful and provides a user-friendly web portal for effective and efficient communications management

Contact Center Features:

  1. 1: General
    Unified communication platform for Voice, SMS and Email
    Multiple campaigns
    Custom CallerId support for outbound campaigns
    Campaign Scheduling
    On premises and white label branding
  2. 2: Broadcasting
    2.1 Voice Broadcasting
    Inbound and outbound campaigns
    AMD detection, and option to drop message for machines
    DNC Filter
    Opt-out / Unsubscribe IVR (Add to DNC)
    User defined Limits on call and ring duration
    SIP and PSTN (E1 / T1) Support
    2.3 SMS Broadcasting
    Personalized message support (Using Contact Tokens)
    Unicode messaging support
    Concatenated / Multipage Messages
    Billing support for GSM-7, UTF-8 and for Unicode
    SMPP, HTTP based trunk support
    2.4 Email Broadcasting
    Personalized message support (Using Contact Tokens)
    Confirmation and cancellation links
    Embedded images support
    Attachment support
    Forced Footer for disclaimers and unsubscribe links
  3. 3. IVR Campaign
    IVR Studio with drag n drop support
    Inbound IVR Campaigns
    Remote party API
    Conditional Flow
    Customize TTS Message (Using Contact Tokens)
    Multiple TTS Engines are supported
  4. 4: Unified Communication
    Campaign for multiple services like
    Unified contact
    Multi service billing
    Separate routes and rate for each kind of service
  5. 5: Law Compliance
    DNC Lists
    Time restrictions
    CallerID enforcement
    Campaign scheduling
    Opt-out, Unsubscribe option
    Call recording
  6. 6: Accessibility
    Quick campaign launch
    Reusable resources / recordings
    Record voice messages over phone call
    Dynamic report base on date range
  7. 7: Bulk Operations
    Import / Export Contacts using CSV
    Export Campaign results
    Export CDRs
    Import / Export Routes / Rates using CSV
  8. 8: Contact Management
    Unified contacts
    Custom Contact Fields
    Schedule and expiry features for campaign contacts
    Contact Group / Multiple Group support
    HLR Lookup to fetch extra contact information
    Contact filtration based on CNAM / HLR data
    Generate new contact groups from results
    Duplicate contact filtration
    Import / export Contacts using CSV
  9. 9: Live Monitoring
    Live Campaign progress
    Active call list
    Queue and Agent Statistics
    System statistics
  10. 10: Reports
    Complete log of call activity
    Billing / CDR Reports
    Separate report for each type of campaign
    Export reports to CSV files
    Client input / DTMF logging and reporting
    Call Recordings and media reports
    Generate custom report using date range
  11. 11: Integration
    Rest APIs for Contact and Campaigns Management
    Rest APIs for Provisioning and user management
    Rest APIs for User System Management
    Push Call Status
    3rd party SOAP and REST APIs integration in IVR
  12. 12: Call Center
    Inbound / Outbound Dialing
    Progressive Dialing
    Agent panel / dashboard
    Live agents and Agent presence
    WebRTC based Web phone
    Agent scripts / Dialogue
    CRM Integration / Call Popup
    Attended and blind call transfer
    Live statistics for agents and queues
    Agent Supervision, listen or barge into live calls
    Call recordings
    Call Queues / Skill groups and Music on hold
    Agent performance reports
    Agent Evaluation
    Automated call flagging
    Evaluation forms
    Agent Evaluation reports
  13. 13: Performance and Scalability
    Thousands concurrent channels (500 channels per server)
    Database Load balancing
    Campaign Load balancing for Voice traffic
  14. 14: Internationalization
    Multi Language interface
    User specific timezone
    Ready for international A-Z routing / Dialing
  15. 15: Security
    Comprehensive permission and role management
    Protection against DDoS and Brute-force attacks
    Builtin Firewall
    Best Security practices
  16. 16: Backup / Failover
    Backup on Local and remote servers via FTP or SFTP
    Automated data synchronization between servers
    Automated service recovery in case of failure
  17. 17: MultiTenant Support
    User Resource isolation
    Authorized access on user data
    Dialplan isolation
  18. 18: Administration
    Login as user
    Create dedicated or shared trunks for users
    Create queues and extensions for users
    Enforce specific CallerId or limit user to only assigned DIDs
    Day / Time-slot restriction on per user basis
  19. 19: ITSP Features
    MultiTenant Support
    Prepaid Billing
    Rate and Routing support
    OCN based routing for ported numbers
    Multiple rate plans
    Comprehensive permission and role management
    Quota allocation for extensions, free minutes etc…
    Packages and subscription system
    Enable / disable Feature, Resources accordingly to packages / roles
  20. 20: Ownership
    On premises setup
    Life time licensing option
    Own termination PSTN, E1/T1 or VoiP
    Open Source (with few compiled file)
    White label / Branding
  21. 21: Support
    Free installation
    Free initial support
    24/7 Availability
    Live chat, Email and Phone based support
    On demand and yearly support packages
    Customization and Development support
    Free bug fix and security updates
  22. 22: Licensing
    Unlimited users
    Unlimited extensions / agents
    Unlimited campaigns
    Unlimited contacts and calls
    Life time or On lease licensing options
    License up-gradation by paying only the difference
    30 days money-back guarantee

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Head Office : Keewong street Grace ACT 2911 Australia
Site Office : 2nd floor khawar centre Sp chowk Multan Cantt
working hours
Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00
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